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Barcelona has the ‘highest’ standard in cannabis culture!

We, Maruska and me, left the country, finally, we sure needed a rest…
Our first stop in Spain was Barcelona, where we knew we would meet some friends, if we knew where to find them.
After checking in to a hotel, we walked over to the Makoki bookstore, where we hoped to meet Felipe, one of the frontmen of ARSEC, Spain’s Medical Marihuana Organisation, to find out the whereabouts of Karulo and Carlos, whom I had last met in Amsterdam on the Cannabis Cup.
Felipe was not there, but a friendly employee gave us his address and that of the growshop of Karulo and Carlos, named L’ Interior, the Interior in English.
We found it easily, it happened to be only a few hundred meters from our hotel.

An open front, there seems to be nothing unusual about the shop in Spain, everyone can walk in freely.

The shop is big, and has beautiful decoration and a lot of daylight from 2 sides.
Sergio, Karulo’s younger brother, is minding the store.

L’Interior is well equipped, they have everything you need or can come up with to cultivate cannabis.

Carlos and Karulo had a good laugh over a joke, involving the ‘condom’ Karulo was having trouble with….

Karulo took us to the ARSEC headquarters in Barcelona, to meet up with Felipe, who welcomed us with a hug. He is crumbling some Ice hash here.
The Catalunian government recently decided to allow the use of medical marihuana, and to support efforts to make it available as a medicine, as Felipe proudly reported.

Karulo is holding up one of the experimental Vaporizers that were developed by the ARSEC team.

After that we met up with author Jorge Cervantes and his lovely partner, and Carlos’ wife Rosa, in the Makoki store, to have a good look around in the former ARSEC offices. The Cervantes family recently moved to Barcelona, from the US.

Karulo is practicing how to properly breath into his Didgeridoo, he does a good job in trying.

Karulo gave us some of this marihuana, locally grown, it is baptized Flo…
I can only tell you this, try to go with the Flo, what a great weed, a special, brand new taste and an instant and intensive high! Flo? Arriba!

This is the more than artistic Club corner, in the back of L’Interior, where some friends can have a talk over a smoke. This buddies bench is made by Karulo’s brother, inspired by Ganja and Gaudi, it is magnificent to see…

The club was used for a demo on ‘How to make Ice-O-Lator hash’ , that evening, it was the first time they had time for it.

Cannabis leafs and small buds, some water and ice cubes, that is all it takes to make hash, and a set of extraction bags, of course.

Four guys having fun over some water and leafs.

Pulling up the bag to see what the ‘harvest’ is…

This is the result in the first bag, the second quality, so to say, whatever falls through this screen, is considered class A.

This is the Ice hash, after squeezing most of the water out.

This is the class A, very fine mud…

The class B hash is drying out on a piece of cardboard.

One of Karulo’s friends showed me his grow cabinet, two lights and a lot of healthy looking ladies.

Maruska spent quite some time in the Gaudi corner, rolling joints, of course.

Los manos verde, the green hands, impersonating five fingered marihuana leafs, a Spanish call for legalization.

Karulo lives, breathes and eats marihuana!

Karulo gave us some Flo for the road, before we left for Alicante, to make sure we would not suffer from a lack of THC.

Karulo. Carlos and all people from Makoki, L’Interior and ARSEC are great people, make sure you look them up when in Barcelona!!

Karulo, Carlos and crew: Muchas gracias para su hospitalidad, nuestro visita en Barcelona he estado un experience inolviedable!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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