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The Growcloset, 4 Citral plants, from planting to harvesting…

This is a cabinet we made in my former office, after Hans, the Skunkfanclub man, gave us
4 Citral clones, we felt obliged to take good care of them. It took us a few hours to put the cabinet together, the Citral ladies pose in their new home.

Just a wooden cabinet with a hole in the bottom, to suck fresh air in, a 400 watt growlight and an exhaust ventilator with a carbon-filter are built in, the plants are in soil.

We prepare the 10 liter buckets, the holes we drill in them are to eventually allow excessive water to run out, this prevents fungi and mold in the soil.

Marcel, Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla manager, will pot the plants in this demo, we use a special soil-mix, ‘Batmix’, and normal pot-soil, to fill the buckets or pots. Batmix, in the black bag, contains soil, worm-manure, bat-manure(65% Phosphor!) and all necessary minerals. The problem with the Batmix is the high grade of phosphor, it tends to burn the roots of the cuttings, slowing the grow process, the plant has to adjust and produce new roots first.
To avoid this from happening, we stack our pots in layers.

We fill the buckets with Batmix first.

Batmix contains Perlite grains as well, as you can see.

We compress the Batmix fill back to 60 – 70% of the total contents of the bucket, into a nutritious tablet for the cutting.

After compressing the Batmix, we fill the rest of the pot with pot-soil, which is very friendly for fresh roots of cannabis-plants. This second layer will later mix with the first layer, but by that time the roots will adjust to the Batmix as well.

We place the Citral lady in one of the pots, you can see it is well rooted.

Make sure the soil is pressed firmly, around the plant and the stalk.

Ready for production.

In their warm cabinet, the lights stay on for 18 hours per day, they can grow a little bit higher, before we switch the lights to 12 hours a day.

You can see the light is high, to make the plants adjust to the heat, the light can be lowered gradually over the next few days.

This is how they looked after my holiday, no pictures of the period in between…

They were budding out nicely, all they had was water, the soil-mix provides for all nutrition.

What can I say, they tried to grow out of the cabinet!

The office smelt real nice, but only when we opened it, the filter did a good job.

Nice bud…

We took them out in the sun one day, to take some nice shots in daylight.

They are close to being chopped down now, so we gave the ladies a breather first.

Here are the 4 plants, chopped down, clipped and well cured. The harvest was 240 grams.

This is the end product, fine Citral buds, with a distinctive taste and smell, very dense in resin.

One of the plants was donated to Wernard, who started this strain, and still grows them in his garden today.

Thanks, Wernard, for your fine strains, and for teaching Holland how to grow sinsemilla marijuana!!

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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