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A medium size growroom on a loft, in Holland.

This is a medium size growroom, as every Dutch person could set one up, on the loft, the barn, or in an empty bedroom.

The plants, Powerplant, are in litlle pots of soil, but they are watered by a fully automated system, that waters them 6 times per day.

This grower uses sticks to keep his plants up straight, instead of the usual strawberry net.

6 times 400 watt HPS lights, note the air inlet on the right, and the exhaust fan on the left.

The humidity is monitored.

Adjusting the timeswitch, from 18 hours to 12 hours of light per day, the plants will start flowering from now.

The computer, taking care of the plants.

About to flower, the switch has been turned to 12 hours.

They get their water and nutrition regularly.

One month later, they are budding well.

A satisfied grower checks his virgins.

He checks the size of the buds too.

Close to being harvested, the leafs are colouring, as well as the buds.

The buds look good, they are covered in rich resin.

Crystal clear, as you can see. The plants were chopped down after this session, dried, and sold in a certain coffeeshop.

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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