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Law relaxing in Great Britain

Policies and information for the other countries of the European Union.

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Law relaxing in Great Britain

Postby Davide Calabria » Wed Jan 24, 2007 6:41 pm

For the new lines it guides of the police, the cannabis consumers it finds to you in possession of the substance will be arrests and only punished to the third time that this happens. The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) had already proposed one similar regulation in 2002. For the new lines it guides, the minors of 18 years surprises to smoke the cannabis will not be piu' automatically arrests to you. The supporters of the proposal think that the policemen, of hour in then, “will deal the minors of 18 years in less intrusiva way, accompanying them to house if picked in flagrant as an example”. Martin Barnes, of the organization profit DrugScope has not declared: “We receive positively the new lines guides, that they place an just equilibrium between the personal small possession quantita' and the crimes of sale”.
Weed for peace
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Davide Calabria
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Re: Law relaxing in Great Britain

Postby Joe King Park » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:45 pm

You May Want To Watch Panorama , A BBC Documentary Titled " A Smugglers Tale "
It Goes Into Detail About The Estimated £22 Million Worth Of Drugs That Are Dealt Within The Walls Of U.K Prisons :shock:
With Organised Crime On The Increase Both Inside And Outside Of Prisons , I Personally Find It Counterproductive , And Also Risky To Those Who Grow Their Own , For Their Own Consumption To Be Imprisoned , Then More Often Than Not Turned Onto Harder Drugs .
With Cocaine Use Rising At A Steady 300% Per Year ( 900% Over The Last Three Years ) And Organised Vietnamese Taking Up Residence In The U.K After Moving On From Canada , I Can Only See Legislation , Or At Least Tolerance , As Adopted By Holland , Spain , And Portugal As The Only Solution.
Related Crime In The Above Three Countries Has Dropped Significantly, And Holland Still Remains The Best Country In Europe To Raise Kids .
The Statistics Speak For Themselves , The U.K Being The Second From Last ( Romania Being The Worst) To Raise A Family
Yet It's Alcohol Laws Are So Lax , With Young Women In Their Twenties Developing Sclerosis , And Traffic Deaths And Alcohol Fueled Violent Crime Double Of Anywhere Else
It's O.K For The Government To Sell Cannabis Seeds As Novelties ( Claiming 17.5% Value Added Tax ) , Yet Germination Of Cannabis Seeds Can Result In A Lifetime Criminal Record .
It's Just Ludicrous
Anyway, If You Miss The Programme Tonight ( 10.30 P.M ) On BBC1 , You Can Always Watch It Later On The BBC I-Player
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Joe King Park
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