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McDope opening soon! Donner has no power to stop it....

Will the Netherlands set a worldwide trend for cannabis policies?

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McDope opening soon! Donner has no power to stop it....

Postby cannabinol » Fri Feb 13, 2004 7:01 pm

Telegraaf, de

Venlo, the Netherlands, Thursday February 12.

From our correspondent.

Translation: Nol van Schaik

Pub Date: February 12, 2004

Megacoffeeshop near German border.

The city council of Venlo has given out a license for a new megacoffeeshop that is supposed to rid the city centre of the overwhelming and disturbing presence of, mainly, German drugs tourists.

The coffeeshop, that already got worldwide attention of the press as the new “McDope” will be opened on short notice in the well-known highway restaurant “Schwanenhaus”, on merely 200 meters from the German border. Our east neighbours were outraged earlier about the plans for the McDope very near to the border.
The new entrepreneur has bought the huge building, which is still being frequented by truckers. The parking has space for about 200 cars. The city council has bought the entrepreneurs two buildings in the city centre, coffeeshop Oase in the Puteanusstreet and Coffeeshop Roots on the Maasdock.
According to Mayor Jan Schrijen, who issued the exploitation license, Justice Minister Donner has responded fearfully on the decision.

This article shows us that Minister Donner has only been rambling about closing coffeeshops, about a smoke ban for coffeeshops, about refusing non Dutch visitors in coffeeshops and lots more stupid proposals to try and please the governments of other nations. It is as I always said, Minister Donner has no power in the coffeeshop policy of the Netherlands, the Mayor of a municipality has the final power in this.
It also shows that the coffeeshop policy can be adjusted to modern times, by allowing this McDope, to improve the situation for both the people of Venlo, and the situation for the German cannabis consumers, with one simple move.
The Germans are outraged, but I do not see any reason for that, the Dutch did not cause the problem, it was caused by German politics and cannabis hungry citizens, the solution for this problem came from the Dutch. The Germans will buy their cannabis in Holland anyway, be it in Venlo or in the McDope, so, what are the German authorities pissed off about?
All Dutch licensed coffeeshops pay tax to the Dutch Government, so a part of the German euros invested in cannabis end up in the Bank of the Netherlands. Instead of wining about how the Dutch tend to solve problems around the use of psychoactive substances, they should think about the bad economical situation their country is in, at present. Allowing a few thousand coffeeshops in their country would not only end the constant cannabis cash flow to Holland, it would benefit the German economy as a whole.
Coffeeshops employ people, they rent and/or buy buildings, and, they make profits.
There are loads of unemployed people in Germany, allowing coffeeshops would create jobs for about 10 persons per coffeeshop on average.
There are loads of empty business buildings in Germany, only costing money at the moment, coffeeshops would take up a lot of those places, if they were allowed.
Coffeeshops make profits, over which they pay tax (a lot!), that money goes straight back into the German society, now it goes to Holland.

I guess all the well-educated politicians in Holland and Germany that still babble words like ‘gateway’ and ‘prohibition’ know all this, like I am aware of it, but they rather hang on to the lies that cannabis prohibition is based upon. Dutch coffeeshops have proven their use for Dutch society, for over 30 years now, but if politicians do not want to see or believe that, we just have to keep confronting them with our lifestyle, day by day, until they do!

There is no political solution, we, the people have to come up with a solution, to a problem that is only recognised as such by politicians, we do not have any problem with cannabis.
It’s time for Kaffeeshops in Deutschland, and in Belgium, the UK, France, Spain and all other countries in this unfree world. It might end some people up in jail, unless a few dozen places all open up on the same day, in the same country, with loads of supporters, good Lawyers and a lot of press. We could also wait until licenses to sell cannabis will be given out by governments, but I do not think any of us will live to be 700 years…
Stand up for your right to grow, have and use cannabis, or keep smoking bad, expensive shit in silence!

I hereby want to nominate Mayor Jan Schrijen as Holland’s Citizen of the Year 2004, for being able to think like a citizen, and act like a Mayor.

Nol van Schaik.
In Cannabis Fidelis
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Postby Guest » Sat Jul 30, 2005 2:53 pm

Wow, i never thought anybody in the Netherlands would care about our little McDope (and NO they do not have an drive thru) shop.
This shop shows that when it comes to earning money we can all learn from the dutch. It has its "own" motorway exit, has a watched parking space and three Cannabis counters. When you sit on the terrace you can see the german border police (whats left of it after the contract of Schengen). In primary processing time there are about 10 people waiting in front of every counter and they are german by 90%. This shop must be a cornucopia of money for the owner, because within the distance of about 100km there are >=1Milion people living in Germany and this ist the last remaining legal coffeshop of Venlo. Unfortunately they show the same symptoms like McDonalds (tm). They sell what sells good. The quality is on a constant high level but you mostly get the same weed an piece. I never saw some importet buds or some ice hash on their menue.
According to the point that every German City should have it's own "Kaffeladen". The problem in Germany is that we have a shitload of old people bitching around anything the whole day (what germans do best besides building cars). The sad part about that ist that the old people are the ones who vote our politicians. The young ones are reared to egoism and self-realization by politics and media so they don't vote becase the think they could only master their live by their own. The social democratical party of Germany had and still has the "legalization" of Cannabis products in their agenda but they retract the tail because they are afraid of those proletary middle-class old people who would (nobody knows why but the sure would) stop voting them. Nobody likes to chance something because the are affraid to stumble and fall (maybe because they don't know how to stand up again). Thats why we surely won't have "Kaffeläden" in Germany the next 20 years.

Maybe Nol can force himself to open a Mekka for demanding smokers near the german border. :-)

Best regards. Seb.


Postby domedope_as_guest » Thu Jan 19, 2006 2:36 pm

im going there on 5 february!!!
i say you then how it was there and what strains they have...
im from germany and have to ride so 1-2 hours to venlo with train!!!
i hope its a nice day...but i definately say how it was!!!

http://www.oase-roots.nl thats the homepage from "mcdope" :D

peace and smoke from germany:-P


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