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What do you think about THC content Regulation?

Will the Netherlands set a worldwide trend for cannabis policies?

Moderators: deliriumt, cannabinol, milehigh, CoolZero

Weed Thc Content Regulation?

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I Smoke Only Strong Weed
I Don't Like Strong Weed
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What do you think about THC content Regulation?

Postby BudMan5 » Thu Feb 16, 2006 4:19 am

I Read about the new plans of Mayor Leers from Maastricht, he say Legalize and open the Backdoor and Give Coffeeshops Grower Licenses!The Bad thing is he say: the Thc Content must be Regulated!Myself like really good Weed as the White Widow:D i have tested some low Thc Weed (Purple Power or ThaiWeed)and i don*t like it!You Smoke more as Strong Weed and the High doesn*t Lost Long :( I Smoke Weed for about 7Years and in only Smoke High Thc Weed,it Lost Long and i have never Problems no Brain Damage or Something!Mayor Leers Say following to the Problem:
The THC content will fall in controlled cannabis, so the “hard-liners” will continue to buy from illegal sources?

The THC content (similar to the alcohol content in liquor) is already falling after having increased for many years. Users want SOFT drugs – they flip when they use the “hard” cannabis that temporarily flooded the market, and that’s not what they want. Similarly, pubs sell more beer than whisky. The market is self-regulating.

I think that is not true,and good Weed must be have Quality and High Thc Content ,me as Medicine Weed user don*t want buy and smoke low Thc Weed!It is the samen thing as the Medical Users they buy the Weed from the Goverment and become low Quality Weed that have no Power!

I live in Fucking Germany have right now some fucking problems with the Law,Police Busting me with 2 Weed Plants :(

I Think Weed must be Legalized and STrong Weed is better,that Protect People to Buy REally Hard Drugs they Can Kill People!STrong Weed don*t Kill People!You can Drink a lot of Whiskey and u Die,and you can smoke Strong Weed and u die Not !What is the Problem ?I think many Real Weed Smokers don*t go to a Coffeeshop that Sale low Quality Weed!

What do u think about Weed Regulation Noel?
:D I Love ur site Noel,i Hope i hear in the Future more about u :D Greets to u Coolzero too :D
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Joined: Thu Feb 16, 2006 3:54 am

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