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Worldwide attack on cannabis launched!

The UN, the US and the Dutch government all act against cannabis and coffeeshops! This seems an organised attack...

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Worldwide attack on cannabis launched!

Postby cannabinol » Wed Feb 26, 2003 3:34 pm


Haarlem, Febr. 26, 2003.
By: Nol van Schaik, cannabis entrepreneur in Holland.

World wide attack on cannabis and its users launched!

The USA and the UN seem to have nothing else on their hands, the last couple of days, it seems, both Big U’s started an attack on the cannabis culture as such.
The saddest example is the US, as always, the DEA and other authorities have recently started a Bong offensive, meaning they have raided shops and wholesalers of paraphernalia, as bongs, pipes and rolling papers are called in general.
55 people have been arrested so far, millions worth of goods have been confiscated, and it only seems to be the beginning of another useless, countrywide attempt to stop people smoking cannabis, in bongs, that is.
It seems to have its effect, even people with cannabis related websites, based in the USA, are already giving in to this new pot terror, http://www.420times.com has already left cyberspace, due to fear for prosecution. I can understand the fear in the USA, a pot person does not stand a chance in any US court, as the US vs Ed Rosenthal shows, the truth about cannabis may not come out.
It is the climax of low, the US and the DEA can get away with almost anything, one might think their motto is: We lie, we deny, to prevent you from getting high!

The UN is putting pressure on the UK, by condemning Home Secretary Blunkett’s declassification of cannabis to a so-called class C substance. In fact, the declassification of cannabis in the UK will not benefit cannabis users or suppliers, the penalties for the last group will stay in class B, with a maximum penalty of 14 years. If cannabis was really completely downgraded to class C, the maximum penalty for supplying, or dealing cannabis, would have been 5 years maximum, like for supplying steroids and valium, which are in class C as well.
In real life, a pot smoker in the UK will still be prosecuted for smoking a joint, and they will still have to buy their cannabis, if available, from dealers that offer hard drugs for sale as well.
The UK’s cannabis market is secured for those who supply all sorts of drugs in the UK for decades now: Organised Crime. They already take the risk of high prison sentences, by supplying class A and B drugs, so a class C drug will not pose any higher risk for them.
Blunkett’s move monopolises organised crime, many cannabis growers in the UK consider stopping their activities after July 3, the day of the official ‘declassification’ of cannabis in the UK.
Cannabis growers in the UK will be considered suppliers; any Magistrate will tell an accused grower they could never smoke the amount they produce themselves, so they must be selling the surplus to others, making them a supplier in the eyes of the Law. The increased penalties for supplying cannabis under the new Law scare them enough to stop growing cannabis. Growing cannabis is the only weapon against organised crime, Blunkett’s move will cause this weapon to lose its ammunition. Homegrown cannabis is also the only effective weapon against soap bar hash, which will regain its ‘popularity’ when herbal cannabis will get scarce…
The UN does not talk about these implications of Blunkett’s ‘solution’ of the cannabis problem in the UK, they only read the words of the people of their stature and importance, politicians and high ranking police-officers.

The UN is also putting pressure on the Dutch government, for allowing cannabis coffeeshops to operate, as always, but this time, with a conservative Minister of Justice in Holland, in an already fallen cabinet, the new government will comply with the UN criticism, by trying to close as many coffeeshops as they can, within the limitations of the Dutch National Coffeeshop Policy.
Minister Donner’s plans for the new governments stance on coffeeshops have already leaked out, he wants to close 400 of the 800 regulated coffeeshops in the Netherlands.
The same Minister Donner that said he would not close the coffeeshops under pressure of Sweden and France, is now about to bow for the demands of the UN, by shouting out loud he will close all coffeeshops he can. Donner also admits the coffeeshops policy is up to the individual Mayor of the City or Municipality, and not a matter of the government, they only set out some shady guidelines in 1976. This means that he will have to rely on the Mayors, to get his will done, this will turn out a mayor problem for Donner, coffeeshops have been accepted as a part of society in the Municipalities they are located, without causing any problems. Coffeeshops are registered leisure companies, they can not be closed by Minister Donner, he could forbid the sales of cannabis from coffeeshops, but then, who will maintain his Law? No matter how I feel about it, if the UN and Donner manage to make the Dutch cannabis policy collaps, it will have its impact on all developments on cannabis legislation in the world, we, the coffeeshops, will finally be held up as an example, of the success of prohibition.

All together, this look like a worldwide attack on cannabis and coffeeshops, initiated by the UN and the US, who seemed to have reached agreement over the world endangering cannabis issue! The War on Cannabis has started…where is CNN?
In Cannabis Fidelis
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Dutch Justice Minister wants to close 400 coffeeshops.

Postby cannabinol » Wed Feb 26, 2003 9:02 pm

Donner wants hard line on softdrugs

‘Neighbourhoods in hands weed gangs’

By: Ap van den Berg and Ferdi Schooten

The Hague/GPD- Justice Minister Donner (CDA) wants to tighten the tolerance policy for softdrugs and bring it in line with European legislation. A confidential report shows he wants ‘a sharp decrease in the number of coffeeshops’. Donner also wants to discourage druguse and homegrowing. It has been confirmed by reliable sources around the minister.

If it was up to Donner, he will start a major offensive against illegal hemp plantations. It happens more often that criminal gangs use houses and basements in the poorer neighbourhoods, as it states in not yet published research of criminologist Prof. Dr. Frank Bovenkerk. According to Bovenkerk, the results from his report will be used ‘to reconsider the softdrugs policy critically’.
The criminologist states there are 20 neighbourhoods, spread over the whole off the Netherlands, controlled by weed gangsters.
Around 60 % of the crop is exported to foreign countries. The police usually only manages to catch the growers, mainly mothers on benefits, junks and people in great debts. The gangs, who supply for the necessary equipment, the plants, the utilities and the clipping, always escape from prosecution.

The Minister will offer his suggestions to the Parliament on short notice. Because Donner is also the informer for the new government’s formation, his prerogatives will come to order during the formation of the Cabinet.
The PvdA (The CDA’s only coalition partner) does not feel anything for a hard line on softdrugs. This party thinks the police can use its energy way better for catching crooks.
The CDA, however, fears that smoking a joint will sooner lead to a transfer to hard drugs.

The number of coffeeshops has already decreased noticeably over the last 5 years. At present, our country counts a little under 800 cannabis outlets (806,nvs) for marihuana and weed?, compared to around 1500 in 1998. The main loss of coffeeshops occurred in the big cities.
But, according to Donner, another 400 coffeeshops will have to be closed within a year, minimum. In fact, Municipalities can decide over the softdrugs policy independently.
By tightening the current policy, Donner wants to force municipalities in to complying.

By bringing the Dutch softdrugs policy more in line with the stance of the EU member states, Donner hopes to make good agreements about the smuggling of humans, terrorism protection and asylum policy.
“Some countries, amongst whom France, do not keep themselves to these agreements because of the Dutch softdrugs policy”, said a spokesman.

Source: Haarlems Dagblad, 26 Februari 2003.

Translation: Nol van Schaik.
In Cannabis Fidelis
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Blunkett talks back....

Postby cannabinol » Thu Feb 27, 2003 12:10 am

Pubdate: Wed, 26 Feb 2003
Source: Mirror, The (UK)
Copyright: 2002 The Mirror
Website: http://www.mirror.co.uk/
Details: http://www.mapinc.org/media/1161
Author: Bob Roberts, Political Correspondent


Blunkett Hits Back As UN Blasts His Move To Downgrade Cannabis

David Blunkett hit back at critics last night after they accused him of misleading youngsters with his new measures on cannabis.

A UN report claims the Home Secretary's decision to reclassify cannabis as a Class C drug could lead to it becoming as widely used as tobacco.

Hamid Ghodse, of the International Narcotics Control Board ( INCB ), said: "Youngsters are confused. On one hand, you tell them not to use ecstasy because it is dangerous. On the other, you're not doing anything about cannabis."

But Mr Blunkett has stressed he is not decriminalising cannabis. Users still face fines and jail.

And Home Office spokesman said: "We do not accept that the decision to reclassify will lead to confusion. Reclassification, based on scientific evidence, does not legalise cannabis.

"It does make clearer the distinction between cannabis and Class A drugs like heroin, crack and cocaine."

The UN report said cannabis was "not a harmless drug" and could lead to disease of the brain, heart and lungs.

But British drugs charity DrugScope called the UN report "misleading" and "dubious". Boss Roger Howard said: "The credibility of the INCB is thrown into doubt when its criticism of the UK Government's sensible proposal to reclassify cannabis is based on dubious science and misleading conclusions." Independent experts have backed Mr Blunkett's decision, he added.

Cannabis will move from a Class B to a Class C drug in the summer. People in possession of small amounts will be arrested only in exceptional cases.

Philip Emafo, president of the INCB, fears it will undermine worldwide efforts to fight cannabis and could lead to increased cultivation in the Third World.

He said: "It is important consensus prevails in international drug control. No government should take unilateral measures without considering the impact of its actions."

"It's quite worrying that we might end up in the next 10 or 20 years with our psychiatric hospitals filled with people who have problems with cannabis."
In Cannabis Fidelis
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war against Ganja

Postby yenzoe717 » Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:19 pm

Here in New York City, this war is full scale. Cops here will arrest anybody they see with even a single joint! It gets worse. I once went to score a dime of herb at my usual spot. But instead of selling me some herb, the dealer took out a badge and arrested me for attempting to buy some herb! That is entrapment or what? This has got to stop. If only every single person that smoked herb would begin to grow his or her own then we could put an end to the black market[or put a real crimp on it]and we would all have endless supplies without having to take any risks of arrest or getting beat.

Yenzo :(

Postby papadank » Sat May 10, 2003 6:44 am

Here is a text copy of a local TV news broadcast of a local pot bust. This is what we have to deal with.

"It's pot so powerful that it contains ten times the active ingredient of regular marijuana.

Pender County Sheriff's Deputies this week found two pounds of hydroponic pot at a home on Pansey Lane in Hampstead.

"You could smell the aroma just eminating from the house, I mean it was very distinct, there was no doubt what it was," says Major Keith Hinkle.

Hydroponic pot is a homegrown and very potent version of everyday marijuana. But the equipment it takes to grow it isn't your everyday set up.

"With the equipment that this guy had, he was able to do this probably three times a year where he could actually harvest high-quality marijuana by growing it hydroponically," explains Sheriff Carson Smith.

Narcotics agents say Justin Thomas Erickson used special lighting, a chemical fertilizer and a steady water supply to harvest marijuana year-round. He did it all from inside his Hampstead home.

"An operation like he had he could have made a very substantial amount of money from it," the Major says.

In fact, agents say the two pounds of pot they seized from Erickson's home would cost $32,000 on the street. That's $30,000 more than two pounds of regular marijuana.

The reason: hydroponic pot contains ten times more of the active ingredient known as THC as regular pot does. It's all in the way it's grown, a method that's not all that common, at least not in Pender County.

"That was the first really big major indoor set up that I had seen," Major Hinkle says.

Erickson faces several drug charges including felony possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver marijuana. Officers believe Erickson grew hydroponic pot in his home since at least 1993."

By: Ashley Monts WWAY TV-3
"The only dream I seem to have is to be free: Free to play my drums, free to design and build computers and networks and the freedom to smoke pot. WAIT: I'm American. I dont enjoy TRUE FREEDOM."
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Postby cloud » Mon Mar 15, 2004 10:53 pm

$32,000 for two pounds, yeah fucking right. NO pot sells for that much. The most i have seen pot in the u.s. for is $4500 so that would be $9000 for two pounds. Dumbass cops
i hate the u.s. Im ashamed to be american
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Postby drbones666 » Thu Jan 05, 2006 4:24 pm

As someone once said, "Those who are not in to politics, will be done in by politics."

If users are not writing to their so called representatives in government and expressing their opinion in such a way that the politician is swayed, then the poli will do what more organized people want them to do.

That's the way of the world.

Sux don't it?
From Your Kind & Humble Narrator,
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Postby gevaarlijk » Sun Jan 08, 2006 8:09 pm

Thats funny that they consider mexican brick weed to be "regular" pot... I've seen shwag bricks sold for $700 and really good nuggs go for $4800 for a lb... I heard the cartoon delivery service in NY paid 7k per pound and then still marked it up...
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if you were in the states

Postby reggie the dog » Thu Jan 19, 2006 5:52 pm

if you were in the states you should have been able to get pounds of schwag for under 500, in the southwest, texas etc, you can get pounds of mexican brick for 300 dollars,
reggie the dog

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