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The hard line against the Evil Pot Criminalizers is forming

...and what a policy!
America, land of prohibition and professional prisons. With Canada and Mexico following like children.

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The hard line against the Evil Pot Criminalizers is forming

Postby Virgil » Sat May 30, 2009 7:20 am

There is a hard line forming against all the mythologies that fill people's television minds. It is hardening in US and it is hardening in Canada where righteousness of the cause is really something to behold. The stronger message and unwavering conviction just attracts people that cannot stand the injustice. Of course the criminals in government threatening them with their injustice has a lot to do with it- the old self-interest appeal of change.

The purpose of this thread is to illustrate that the cannabis possession and cultivation laws in Canada are dead and have been dead. Now the articulation is slamming the lying and treasonous conspirators in government that continue the fraud that the laws are still alive after being struck down as unconstitutional. This is entry in the Medpot Yahoo forum for Canada illustrates that the time is now to form the hard line.

http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Me ... sage/13958

Dear Ms. Davies,

According to the Globe and Mail (May 26,2009), you've been quoted as saying:

"From the beginning, the federal government has been
dragged kicking and screaming into accepting the use
of marijuana for medical reasons," said Ms. Davies.

Really? Do you wonder *why* that's the case?

Look, Ms. Davies... like it or not, you and your party have been *helping*
the federal government to do all of its kicking and screaming from day one,
and their being "dragged" from case to case as we're seeing here is simply
the logical outcome of a totally ineffective, partisan-defense oriented
Parliamentary opposition. You've quite simply refused for a *decade* to
tell the federal government straight to its face that it's been breaking the

From Parker to Hitzig to Sfetkopoulos is a straight line, and the courts
have repeatedly struck down (they've *repealed*) Canada's cannabis laws and
regulations... and because *all* of this has been based on the fact that the
original order in Parker has not been honoured (please see the original
Parker decision and order), section 4.1 of the Controlled Drugs and
Substances Act has not *existed* as a Canadian law since the date of that
original decision. Please *read* the original Parker decision: it says
unequivocally that CDSA 4.1 is *illegal* if it does not include a medical
exemption that fully passes constitutional scrutiny... which to date, it
never has done.

CDSA prohibitions against marijuana are *dead*. Cannavis is not just
totally legal (no legislation governs it at all)... it's totally unregulated
as well.

This isn't rocket science. It's simple, clear and utterly unarguable law...
simple, clear, unarguable law that no one has yet been *allowed* to argue
before Canada's Supreme Court:

R.S., c. I-21
Interpretation Act
1993, c. 34, s. 88
"146. Subsection 2 (2): For the purposes of this Act, an enactment that has
been replaced is repealed and an enactment that has expired, lapsed or
otherwise ceased to have effect is deemed to have been repealed."

Put this *law* against the fact that the Hitzig decision literally outlawed
the MMAR that were created in order to fulfill the mandate of the Parker
decision... a decision which *struck down* CDSA s.4.1 as constiututionally
illegal until a constitutionally valid medical examption was made available.

I've already briefed you in great detail on this very subject a couple of
weeks ago, and apparently you didn't get the message.

There is absolutely no reason on *earth* for you to equivocate on this issue
like some waffling, neophyte political hack and tell the public as blandly
as you've done above that "there's something wrong with the law and *we're*
not very happy about it."

There *is* no law, and you know it... so do your party's best lawyers, and
if they have the slightest hint of both legal knowledge and moral integrity,
they've already told you so over and over and over again. Examine the
record of fact, verify it as I have, and tell the Canacian people the
*truth* about this "law" that you disagree with... every single *shred* of
the truth, vdamn it.

What the hell *else* were you elected to do, Ms. Davies???

Do you and you Party stand for legislative justice, or do you stand for
something else that you're simply not *telling* anyone about?

It's time to "shit or get off the pot", Ms Davies... and it would be best
(for yourself *and* for the party you represent) that you should do so much
sooner than later.
Michael Muirhead
Vancouver, BC
We are slaves to the corporations and the government is the overseer.
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