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Cannabis teraphy in Vermont

...and what a policy!
America, land of prohibition and professional prisons. With Canada and Mexico following like children.

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Cannabis teraphy in Vermont

Postby Davide Calabria » Wed Jan 24, 2007 6:43 pm

The Commission justice of the Senate has approved of, with 4 ballots to favor and one contrary, the law that improves that one existing on the therapeutic marijuana, increasing the number of the diseases for which e' possible to alleviate the pains assuming the substance and allowing of the cultivation for personal use. The law ad hoc diminishes the tax registration to the registry instituted for the sick ones to 50 dollars, and authorizes also the doctors of other States to certify the patients to the therapeutic use of the substance. “We are not for the legalization of the marijuana”, has declared the senator democratic John Campbell, between the supporters of the law. “We have watched the problem from a compassion point of view. Some persons suffer and we must make something in order to alleviate their suffering”. The bill in parliament is now to the examination of the Commission health.
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