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California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative 2008

...and what a policy!
America, land of prohibition and professional prisons. With Canada and Mexico following like children.

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California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative 2008

Postby Virgil » Tue Sep 26, 2006 10:13 am

http://www.youthfederation.com/ - I am really impressed by this website and their backing of the 2008 initiative in California to relegalize cannabis. Jack Herer supports this and a copy is up at his website.

There never was a valid reason for criminalizing cannabis use in the first place. Cannabis prohibition has always been wrong and is wrong now and Canadian Senate Committee in 2002 called for legalization for Canadians over 16 and the removal of all criminal records associated with cannabis possession. This is the way the report expressed it on page 46 at http://tinyurl.com/1d16

Recommendation 7
The Committee recommends that the Government of Canada declare
an amnesty for any person convicted of possession of cannabis under
current or past legislation.

This iniative calls for amnesty in California. The real criminals we need to be concerned with are the one in Warshington that put these people in prison in the first place and had their media whores do their thoughtherding on everyone. Here is the language it uses:

1. Enactment of this initiative shall include: immediate release from prison, jail, parole, and probation, and clearing, expungement, and deletion of all criminal records for all persons currently charged with, or convicted of any cannabis hemp/marijuana offenses included in this initiative which are hereby no longer illegal.- http://www.youthfederation.com/chi.html


Help us relegalize hemp for industrial, medical, nutritional and personal use (for persons 21 or older). Help us place the initiative on the November 2008 ballot. The signature drive will start sometime in 2007 and we will have 150 days to gather one-million valid signatures from California voters.

Help us end hemp prohibition! Hemp is the earth's number one renewable resource for all of our: paper, fiber, paint, varnish, plastic, fuel, medicine, protein, essential fatty acids, and relaxation!

We are slaves to the corporations and the government is the overseer.
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