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Living in a world without drug prohibition

Post your articles about cannabis policy from your part of the world here.

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Living in a world without drug prohibition

Postby David » Thu Mar 24, 2005 3:07 pm

Daniel E. Williams, author of The Naked Truth About Drugs, will be the guest speaker at 8PM. March 24, 2005 @

ABC Treehouse
Voetboogstraat 11
1012 XK Amsterdam
Tel: 020 4230967 (in the treehouse)

Info and reservations:
Tel: 06 11 21 57 81

“The United States led the world into drug prohibition and it is the United States that can lead us all out.”
Williams believes the American public, “just like in those last, dark days of alcohol prohibition,” is ready for a change.
“Drugs are still believed to do harm,” notes Williams, “yet attitudes are shifting toward the belief our drug laws are more harmful.” It is this underlying sentiment The Naked Truth About Drugs explores, hoping to affect America’s dialogue and debate regarding drugs and drug prohibition. And while the book is written specifically for the American audience, the U.S. repeal of drug prohibition will have global implications.

Many other countries would soon follow suit and, within a very brief time, “the global black market in drugs will wither and die,” Williams states. With the United Nations calculating this global black market to be equal to roughly 8% of all legitimate international trade, the result of prohibition repeal will be that hundreds and hundreds of billions in world currencies would move to the free market with positive impact.

But the most significant impact of global repeal will be the unprecedented and massive reduction in crime. In the United States alone, and according to the FBI, the reduction in the overall Crime Index would exceed 50%. And virtually every other country will experience a similar dynamic. Whole segments of world society will stabilize. “That’s what we’re playing for,” says Williams. And while his thirty-five years of recreational drug use may make him seem an unlikely advocate for the rule of law, Williams believes the repeal of drug prohibition will be “the most significant law and order legislation of the 21st century.”

Daniel E. Williams is 54 and a retired cellular communications executive.
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