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Looking for a reputable supplier.

Paste all your directions to any cannabisrelated websites here, commercial, personal or activism, we will make separate directories out of it.

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Looking for a reputable supplier.

Postby paulcuz1 » Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:01 am

Hi there.

Im looking for a reputable supplier of a kilo of decent weed (no resin) as there is an utter shortage of afformentioned green in the region of Uk I live in.
please message me if you can help. I dont mind travelling (including to Europe :P ) but only if the price is reasonable.

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Re: Looking for a reputable supplier.

Postby Joe King Park » Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:34 pm

So You're Looking For A Dealer Online :oops:
I've Been Looking Since 1997 , Lol
If You Don't Mind Travelling Here You Go http://www.hempology101.org :wink:
If You Want To Rent A Place Whilst Over There I Have Somewhere
A Kilo Of AAA Will Cost 3500 CAD
Alternatively Track Down Dr Cambridge In Amsterdam And Get A Prescription And Bring It Back Into The U.K ( Dutch Prescribees Can Smoke Their Medicine In The U.K Or Any Other E.U Country
Except The U.K ( We Also Do Not Accept The E.U By Hanging Onto The Pound )
The U.K Governments Are So Hippocritical
And To Think The Queens Grandmother And The Queens Grandson Both Enjoyed/Enjoy Cannabis
Did'nt She Knight Sir David Nutt Because He Has A Pretty Face ??
I'm Moving Back To British Columbia ( 7 Grammes For £20-25) Or Free On Prescription
JKP/Pistol Pete
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Joe King Park
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