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The 8th Annual Alberta Harm Reduction Conference (Calgary)

Tell us about your extra-ordinairy smoking experiences, super dooper smoke or smokers.

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The 8th Annual Alberta Harm Reduction Conference (Calgary)

Postby KanMan » Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:05 pm

Just got the announcement below today....December 8 does not leave much time (5 days) to get an workshop abstract together.

The following announcement is sent to you by the Canadian Harm Reduction Network

Please visit our website, check it out and support us by becoming a member.


The 8th Annual Alberta Harm Reduction Conference
is happening on
March 8 & 9, 2007
Calgary, Alberta
The theme of the conference is
Walk a Mile in Our Shoes

Everyone involved in Harm Reduction - families, nurses, police, social workers, researchers, Aboriginal people, people who use drugs or members of other groups affected by harm reduction - has a unique experience and view of the subject. Members of these diverse groups are urged to submit workshop abstracts and to attend the conference in order to share their experiences, perspectives and ideas and to contribute to an exploration of how we can strengthen harm reduction work in our communities

Check out the conference website at http://www.albertaharmreduction.ca/

Please note that the deadline for the call for Abstracts is for Dec. 8.

Scholarship forms are also on the web site.
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