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Buying weed in Cancun

Tell us about your extra-ordinairy smoking experiences, super dooper smoke or smokers.

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Buying weed in Cancun

Postby AmeriSkunk » Fri Mar 24, 2006 9:34 pm

I first of would like to ask if anyone else has bought weed while in vacation to mexico and to write your story down also.

this was two years ago and my first trip to Cancun, I was 18. I had heard all the hype of naked girls everywhere(don't get your hopes up), alochol that flows like a river(true), and public drunkness. about three days before I left I started thinking of ways to smugle weed on a plane, I pussed out and I thought i would just have to stay drunk for a week. I arrive and the first thing that happens is this local girl introducs herself and says "would you like to drink tequilla with me?" Well of course. so we drank for a while but I got too drunk and fell asleep, in my chair. :oops: The next day I went to see the sights like tourists do, rode the busses from hell(like riding Greyhound with a drunk driver). The next day I go to a tourist market and while i'm there im looking at pipes and bongs and things when a scary Mexican dude came up and said "you look like you get high, you need something to fill your pipe" I said "let me check it out" the guy put the weed on a Finding Nemo t-shirt(funny shit, how paranoid he was) and showed me that is was good quality hydro, thats right Mexican Hydro it was some kind of yellow-ish chrystal havin weed, very dank. I rushed back to the hote,l rigged something up like MacGyver and started smokin away. I had smoked about 1/5 of the 3 gram bag(only $20) and I took another hit, turned around and realised that the maid had came in my room, I'm scrambling to get my shit put up, threw my can-pipe over the balcony walked in and scared the hell out of the maid, she freaked me out by how scared she was. At least she didn't see me tokin I assume, I "evacuated" the hotel went to Carlos N Charlies got drunk with a girl from Dallas and well, you know. It was an akward flight home though because the girl from Dallas was on the same flight. She was a sexy girl it's just that you NEVER want to see a one night stand EVER again, she was probably more embrassed than I was. This girl had never smoked pot before that night among other things, wich brings me to another point for those of you who don't allready know Don't smoke with newbie girls, theyre anoying. Guys the single girls are there for two things 1. get drunk 2. have a sex fling, just remember there not going to ask you, I saw so many nerds standing in the corner chatting amongst themselves. I think I might have gotten off topic just a little, oops
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Re: Buying weed in Cancun

Postby leeji » Sat Dec 12, 2009 9:06 pm

hey everybody. Im leeji, 26, have some things to sort out so I came by myself to mexico,cancun, like 10 days ago and so far I haven´t met anyone to hang out with. I need the nice smoking peaceful people to feel less far from homeand less surrounded by strangers, so if there are tips about where to go, or at least where to get some good weed, I´d really appreciate them
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Re: Buying weed in Cancun

Postby FlyByNite » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:42 pm

Coffeeshop Frog Hollow home of the Whos In Town page.
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