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About Willie Wortel’s logo and name…

We named our first place Willie Wortel Workshop, we started as a members club, sharing the place to use the workshops and tools for whatever you felt like doing with them. Some people just fixed their bikes, others picked up paint brushing and other forms of artistic expression.

Willie Wortel is a cartoon figure in Disney’s Donald Duck, known, or not known, as Gyro Gearloose, the guy that invents the gadgets for Donald and his rich Uncle. The character as such is very well known in Holland and some other countries in Europe.
Of course, we knew we could not use the character as a logo, with a joint in his beak, so we had to come up with something else.

We used the character once, for our openings invitation, he always hangs out with a lamp, like marihuana growers tend to do…

In Holland, being called a ‘Willie Wortel’ means you would be an inventor or at least an innovator, it is a common expression. We thought our workshop/coffeeshop project was innovative all right, so we decided to call our club and place the Willie Wortel Workshop.

Wortel is the Dutch word for carrot, so we could not come up with another logo than the one we still carry today, it is a registered trademark since 1998.

This is the original logo, from 1991, the carrot with a weedleaf.

The stickers got stuck everywhere, on cars, scooters, bikes, lampposts and traffic lights mostly, all over Haarlem and in all Dutch places we visited over the years.

We carry our logo on mugs, shirts, banners, our soccer teams, ashtrays and lighters.
We are prohibited to use our logo, because of the weedleaf, on the fronts of our shops, but we do so on Willie Wortel Sinsemilla since we moved into the new building, so far, so good.

Here is a collection of our lighters, over the years.

We ‘stole’ the ‘say no to hard drugs’ quote from our friends in Christiania, Denmark, the lighter with the purple print was our example…

Our sticker ended up on some peculiar places too, here are a few…

A Haarlem Police van.

Another Haarlem Police van…

A patrolcar of the San Francisco Police Department

Another San Francisco patrol car…

On a newspaper standard in the UK.

On a coffeeshop down under, in Nimbin, Australia…

We even smoke on carrots…

We will come out with new stickers soon, maybe you know a nice place to stick one, and send us a picture???

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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