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Willie Wortel’s Cannabis Harvest Party 2004, Part 1.

Hollyweed; Moviestars and Cannabis.

Click here for part 2:

The Sinsemilla crew preparing the shop for the Smokedown…
This years theme was to dress like a moviestar with a weedy background, or slightly twisted cannabis related name. We have a trophy for the best dressed visitor, and a trophy for the best dressed employee.

Maruska dressed up as T-Weedy, the Cannabis Canary.

I had some trouble getting into my Shirley Temple balls outfit.

Spencer, our DJ for the Harvest Party, mellow tunes for mellow smokers.

Ali G, alias Dekker, holding up one of the six plants we consumed during the event.

From the UK: Blow Derek and Robin of Shareweed.

Austin Powerplant.

The place was packed by 9.30.

I just had to show my special undies…

King Bong.

Jackie, Carine, Colin Davies and Shirley.

We started with bonghits, on the Sinsemilla house bong, Shiva White in the bowl.

This shot was a little early, the bulk of the smoke came later.

This guy took in some serious smoke…

Most of it came back out!

It became a bit vague after a number of big bong hits. MileHigh puffed like a steam locomotive!

Over 200 people attended, we had to disappoint loads more people because it was too full.

We had 7 teams participating in the joint rolling contest, every team was handed a bag of weed, papers, filters and a box of Rolls, the long, tall paper. Who would roll the most creative joint or other smoke piece with the material issued?
This is the start of the Fat Tulip.

Preparations for the Lollipot.

The Peace Pipe team at work.

Tamara, Samantha and Joan were dressed up as Nol’s Angels.

The stem of the Tulip with Leaf.

The Posse, starting on their Windmill.

This is the set up for the Double Bud Leaf.

This team used straws to build their Smoke Special.

The Lollipot is being constructed.

Peacefully building the Peace Pipe.

Tulip with Leaf about to be filled.

Working on the parts of the Windmill.

The Double Bud Leaf, almost finished.

The Lollipot, far from ready.

The Peace Pipe was ready!

The Windmill was close to its finish too.

Colin showing his pictures to Dennis Koopen.

The surprise of the Party, Jim, aka Cool Zero, our Webmaster, smoked his first ever joint!
I could not believe it at first, but it is true, Jim is under the influence of THC!!! His mother, Romy (r) was very amused over it, as you can see.

The start of the Cannabis Clipping Contest, three ladies volunteered.

It was not about speed, but all about a clean ‘shave’

The Clipping Judges: Ali G., Elvis Hashley and Django.

The winner of the Cannabis Clipping Contest: Vela. She defended her 2003 title with success!

The crowd was happy, after being supplied with grass, snacks and sweets on a regular basis.

The Angels had to work hard to keep the drinks stocked and cool.

The entries for the Joint Competition were all ready to be judged.
Here is the Double Bud Leaf.


The Peace Pipe.

The Threeway.

Tulip with Leaf.

Fat Tulip, loaded stem.

The Windmill.

Setting up the next game: SpaceCake Biting.

The three participants are blindfolded.

First, the Biters were loaded up with a bowl…

Then they were spun around a few times…

Then they were let loose on the dangling Space Muffins, the one eating three clear bites first, wins the contest.

First bite…

Biting in air…

We have a winner!!

The winner of the SpaceCake Contest: Nicolette.

This is the first part of my report, after this, my memory sticks were full. No worries, I took more pics with Marcel’s camera, but that was full when the strippers came. Fortunately, Jan, one of the Men in Black, took pictures of the Strip act. I will continue this report as soon as I have the images in, stay tuned!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

Click here for part 2:

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