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Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Cannabisshop.

Houtplein 16a, Haarlem, the Netherlands.

New updated report can be found HERE
(updated 25-08-2003)

This is the former Willie Wortel Workshop, previously located on the Raamsingel 16a.
Willie Wortel Workshop was founded on January 3, 1991, it started from scratch and recycled materials, and developed into a full blown cannabisshop.

Willie Wortel was evicted by the landlord, the infamous Cees Cramer, Haarlem's Scrooge, after several courtcases and postponed evictions. We are still pretty upset by the loss of of our first place, we will always cherish the memory.

We moved the Willie Wortel Workshop to our new location, one block from where we were, and changed the name into Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Cannabisshop, the membersclub changed into a company....

Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla moved to a higher level all together, we are now on the first floor, above a huge computershop. The new place is 200 square meters in size, and has windows on two sides.

Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla is an active cannabisshop, organising competitions in Table-Soccer, Pool, Darts, Indoor-Soccer, Chess, Videogames and their annual Harvest Party. Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla is always game!

The Sinsemilla crew is used to being involved in all activities, they always co-organise with a smile...

Marcel, Sinsemilla's manager from the early beginning, is always out to get people as high as a kite, he prefers his one-meter bong to fullfill his mission.

Our visitors can purchase their marihuana, hash, joints, spacecake and high chocolate at our cannabis-counter, we cut and weigh whatever they choose or our menu.

The menu usually consists of 8-10 different strains of marihuana, 8-10 different hashes, from various countries of origin, a selection of pre-rolled joints and reefers and chocolate lollipops, bars and bags for hot chocolate drinks, spiked with pollinated THC.

Besides the Dutch Sinsemilla strains, we always try to have some outdoor and foreign marihuana on the menu too.

The hash is from Morocco, India, Nepal and Holland.

We had some cannabis celebrities visiting already, here is a picture of Eagle Bill, who came visiting with Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad, on the future terrace of Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla.

This picture shows Dick Cowan, Marijiuana News, Wernard Bruining, Holland's Potfather, Chris Fowlie, NORML New Zealand and Nol van Schaik, the founder of the Willie Wortel Cannabisshops.

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 09.00 - 00.00 hrs.
Friday and Saturday : 09.00 - 01.00 hrs.
We hope to see you soon!

New updated report can be found HERE
(updated 25-08-2003)

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