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Willie Wortel Sinsemilla update report

It has been a while since I reported on one of my shops, for the simple reason I am having a sabbatical in Spain, while growing out some fresh strains for our shops.
I have been back a few times now, and made some pics of what was new, different or just cool.

Here is an update on Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla, the biggest coffeeshop in Haarlem, now extended with a big terrace, where one can smoke a joint under the usually cool Dutch sky.

Let’s start with the menu of the second week of August, all goodies displayed in a window.

The menu explains you what we have on sale in the cannabis counter, you get what you ask for, and it is weighed in front of you.

The bar has been extended with a modest kitchen, where you can get different kinds of food and snacks.

A fresh load of Spacecakes.

On the stairs to Sinsemilla you will now encounter a spacey display of airbrushed art.

On the top of the stairs you will find our small headshop, before you enter the actual coffeeshop.

Marcel, Sinsemilla’s manager, is taking a break for a drink of water, he is busy finishing of the terrace, with Red, the house carpenter.

Red, finishing the last bits…

The balcony is ready now, I did not stay long enough to see it in action.

The last bit of fencing is being done, the terrace will have lots of plants, a nice smell and 40 seats.

This Belgian visitor was having a ball.

Our webcorner, 4 stations, in use for internet and a lot of gaming.

Cannabisshop Sinsemilla has two pool tables, a soccer table, a pinball machine, two Photoplay computer games, 4 internet stations, a big TV-screen and a lot of chess- , checkers- and backgammon boards.

Have a nice stay, whenever….

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 09.00 - 00.00 hrs.
Friday and Saturday : 09.00 - 01.00 hrs.
We hope to see you soon!

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