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Cannabisshop Willie Wortel Sativa
Kruisweg 46 Haarlem the Netherlands

Cannabisshop Sativa is located just 150 meters from Haarlems Central Station.
It is easy to find from the Tourist Info Bureau, by walking towards the city from there, you can not miss the big sign: Cannabisshop.

We have an Alien to welcome you, he came in for a pre-rolled joint, some day, but he has not left since…

One of our experienced softdrugs-salespeople will serve you, after you checked the menu, the hash or weed is cut and weighed in front of you.

Here is such a menu, not a current one, we change our menu according to what we buy and stock, our clients like the varieties we offer.

The top part displays the different strains of marihuana.

The hash we have to offer…

Our pre-rolled joints, hash and/or weed, with or without tobacco.

We have a vending machine for the papers, filters, lighters and some pre-rolled joints, in case of a cue, you can get yourself a joint from here.

Willie Wortel Sativa is open every day of the year.
Sunday – Thursday: 09.00 – 01.00hrs.
Friday and Saturday: 09.00 – 02.00 hrs.

When in Haarlem, do drop in….

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