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Testing a new bong: The Hubble Bubble…

I noticed we had a new bong in the collection at coffeeshop Sativa, a big glass piece, with a lot of glass bubbles
integrated in it. I was curious about the bubbles inside and why they were put in there. The bubble were surrounded
with fluid, to cool the passing smoke, after it was already cooled by passing the water in the normal reservoir.

The ammunition to load the bong was picked first, I decided to Give Jack a ride through the bong.

Look how resinous these buds are, trichomes all over the surface, and a superb smell and taste.

Tony leaded the glass bowl.

Tony is sucking the smoke through the double cooling system.

A nice grey stream of THC rich smoke is filling Tony’s lungs…

Red eyes and a huge series of coughs as a result, I almost wetted myself laughing!

Gee, it was not half bad, Tony must have been a bit too greedy, I guess, hehe…

After the first bowl, we added some haze Ice to the Jack Herer bud, and filled the next bowl.

This time it was Steve to go first, he took an impressive hit…

Tony went for another go, and inhaled slowly, this time.

This time he could hold his smoke…

No coughs this time, a smooth hit.

The Hubble Bubble is a very pleasant bong to smoke on, the cooling system seems to do the job it is intended for.
On a scale from 1 – 10, I would give it a 9.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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