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Sativa’s Smokers rooms, part 3.

Made on cannabis…

The plaster peeps are at it, they are plastering the walls and ceilings on the top floor, the electrician is finished there.
After the plaster is on, the central heating will be installed.

Mike is making sure it is straight as an ice skate track…

Setting up the first layer, than wait until it stiffens up…

Mike is a smoker, he smokes and works, must be a strange site for non Dutch peeps.

Bas is working on the edges and corners.

Bas inhales on the job too, but he does it properly, so?

This is Koekie, helping out with the utilities, the electric installation is upgraded completely.
We are thinking up the different themes for the smokers rooms, not just smoker friendly!
We are on schedule, the rooms will be available from April.

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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