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Sativa B&B rooms, part 2.

The works on the first floor of B&B&B, Buds, Beds and Breakfast…
The electrician is doing his thing on the second floor, we are busy on the first floor now, the floor has been covered with a sound-insulating layer, for obvious reasons. The walls are being straightened out, and we will set up a separation wall on this floor, to turn it into two rooms.
This is the way the front looks at the moment, we will have to put double glass in the front windows, like on the second floor, so you won’t hear the buses…

On top of the cannabisshop…

As you can see, you have a good view from both floors.

This will be the room in the back.

This will be the front room.

A view at Haarlem’s Central Station.

Let’s keep it topical, the menu of the day these pics were taken.

To be continued…
Questions have already been asked about prizes for the rooms, we will only have double rooms, for 75 Euros a night, staying there single will be 45 Euros.
We will take booking as soon as you see the booking form appearing here, I guess, we want to make sure we can deliver first. Keep yourself posted, I’ll keep posting…

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