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Willie Wortel Sativa Cannabisshop

About 4 Italian visitors and a chillum…

Four guys from Italy, on a coffeeshop-tour around Holland, walked in to the Sativa, scored some hash and marihuana, and sat down on my table. I asked them if I could take pictures for the website, they did not mind, so here are some nice smoke pics…

The chillum was to be filled first, the mixture of marihuana, hash and tobacco is being shoved into the bowl of the chillum.

The bowl is full, a chillum is actually an empty cone, a so-called ‘chillum-stone’ is dropped in to form a bowl. The cannabis is dropped on top of that plug.

It takes a pair of good lungs to get a chillum started, this guy was an expert puffer.

It glows like a mini-volcano…

He can not say he did not inhale, he exhales like a chimney!

My turn to inhale some.

Next on the chillum, with a travel companion looking on.

A chillum burns good, as long as it passes.

Great for making smoke signals too!

This guy is puffing his pipe, while reaching for the chillum!

We all enjoyed the chillum, and ended up with a nice buzz…

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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