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The Art of Vapor: The Verdamper’s VaporHighzer!

We have them available!

Evert, the motor behind the Verdamper, the vaporizer with the paint stripper as a heating device, has developed a masterpiece in vaporizing. I ordered one, and later an other one, for our Indica and Sativa cannabisshops.

This is the complete set, sorry for the shady picture, I am ‘working in’ a new camera. The set consists of a shapely hookah and the heating device.

This is the bowl, with the Verdamper logo on it.

This is the heater tube, through which you inhale the heated air into the loaded bowl.

This is the base of the hookah, all made of strong laboratory glass.

The insertion tube is greased at the conic part, to ensure complete closure.

The bowl goes on top of the insertion tube.

This the air valve, you can take it out to clear the chamber of vapor after a session.

The mouthpiece is made of glass as well, I prefer a more flexible one.

We filled the bowl with some Crossroad bud, well grinded, to have o lot of ‘trichome surface’ available, big chunks need to be ground up later anyway.

The VaporHighzer is ready for use.

Of course I drew first vapor!

Rene took a fierce hit! Made him cough only a little…

Jessie gave it a careful try.

Ferrie sucked on it as if it was his Mom’s left breast, which left him as high as a kite, and in need to go home to recuperate….like me!

This is the bud we did not burn, but we sure drained it!
Conclusion: Wow, the first vaporizer that ripped me completely, full throttle vapor!

We have two of these VaporHighzers up and running as long as we are open, ready to rip you too!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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