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Vaporising pollinated Netherhash in Cannabisshop Indica.

Around the Volcano…. Vaporizer, that is.

I met up with Marcel in the former Dutch Joint, now WW’s Indica, he wanted me to try the hash he had just been pressing in the Global Hempmuseum. The slates were lovely, about 50 grams, light green and very smelly. I took it to the test, as long as I could keep myself from fading away.

This slate of compressed resin from female Powerplants tasted as good as it smelled and looked, we press it with hand warm press moulds, that is just enough to make the trichomes stick together.

Just a little pinch for a bowl.

Ready to roast!

Good smoke, nice taste, and an intense high, making you feel you have instant brain growth.

After the pipe, I took out the Volcano vaporizer, to get an even cleaner vapor, the best way to taste marijuana, to my opinion. A couple of Americans just walked in, they had never seen a vaporizer before, so I explained it all for their video.

They were stunned, marijuana from a plastic bag??

Have a ride on this balloon…

They picked up fast, as you can see here.


A small cough here and there…

Under (influence of) the Volcano.

After the Volcano, they left baked…

So we carried on testing and tasting with others.

Everybody agreed, the hash tasted great, and got everyone as high as he/she could get…

The Police did not want to try the baggie, they just drove by and ignored me. Indica is only 300 meters from Haarlem’s main Police Station, so we see them a lot, passing by only.
I was wasted, and left after this bag, the hash was approved for the menu indeed.

By: Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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