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Testing 4 strains of Ice hash in coffeeshop Indica, Haarlem.

Yesterday, I was given 4 samples of Ice hash, by our regular Ice supplier, the same guy that supplies the Dampkring and others. He is a guy who loves his job, and the material he works with. He showed me how simple it is to press Ice powder into any grade of hash. We are planning on making a nice DVD of all his techniques and skills.

He pressed parts of the samples into transparent hash, by using a warm tea glass.

This is Power Plant Ice, you can clearly see the difference between powder and hash.

Shiva Ice Hash.

White Widow Ice hash.

Skunk Special Ice hash.

Besides the Ices, we bought this exclusive Royal Pollem Maroc, a hand pressed Blondie with potential!

It does not bubble as wild as an Ice hash, but it sure bubbles!

On the menu at Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla soon!

It was testing time that same evening, in Willie Wortel’s Indica, where I invited a few of the regulars to join me in the quest. We started with the Power Plant Ice, in this psychedelic spoon.

Frenk, the bartender, was in on this test.

Olaf sucking in some Shiva Ice…

Paul enjoys some Power Ice.

Sebastian was one of the diehards, he kept on sucking with Frenk and me, until we smoked three rounds on each strain, well done!

Spencer came in after the first rounds, but he joined in after he entered.

Spekko, artist and cartoonist, came in and took a good puff, he was the only one not smiling after a hit…

Shiva Ice in the spoon.

Skunk Special Ice, unpressed.

Frenk hung on until the last fill, like Sebastian and me, huffin’ and puffin’!

Inhaling Powerplant Ice.

Exhaling Power Plant Ice residu.

Sebastian was well high, but he hung in, as you can see.

The result:

Every one involved was as high as a kite, both Olaf and Paul gave in after the first round.
Olaf liked the Shiva best, considering taste, Paul had the same opinion, if I remember well. They could not tell which one made them so high, strange…
Sebastian hung in, but went home after the last hits, he liked them all, had them all and walked out straight up, in a way.

Frenk was well high, but he is a long time employee, so he stood tall and finished his shift in order, good job!

Spencer was all smiles, he only coughed once, and was very pleased with the skull extension the high caused him.

I was well impressed, I only coughed once too, kept all the rest in! I was as high as can be, not stoned, but stayed up with Maruska until late. I did eat a lot of candy…

It was an evening well spent, we smoked about a gram of Ice, all together, all participants were as high as they would let themselves become. The regulars have found out that Ice hash is the ultimate cannabis product, but also that one gram can blow 7 people’s brains to jelly!

Sinsemilla Guerrilla

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