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Willie Wortel’s Indica Cannabisshop.

Koudenhorn 58, Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Willie Wortel’s Indica is the former Dutch Joint, located on the banks of the Spaarne River, opposite a recently restored windmill, the Adriaan.

The Indica specializes in Indica strains, as the name suggests, but we carry other strains as well.

The Indica menu is more extensive than the one displayed here, this not a recent one, we will put a recent menu up later.

As in our other Willie Wortels, we serve over the scale, the stash is in clear view…

The Indica has a small terrace in front, overlooking the river and everything involved, like a switching bridge, to let the freight boats pass, the Adriaan windmill and a docking area for yachts.

Here is a view at the Adriaan windmill, as you would see it from the Indica or the terrace.

This is how the Adriaan looked before it burnt down, some 80 years ago.

This is how it started to grow back, the actual windmill is mounted on a workshop/house, where the miller would work and live.

The top part of the Adriaan was prepared on the same riverbank, a mile down the river, all made in the original way.

After all parts were finished, the pieces were put together, the craftsmen did a good job, everything fitted perfectly, the windmill is active again now, the workshop area is now in function as a a museum, about the Adriaan, of course.

The Indica is not as big as the Sinsemilla, so we only have room for a soccer table, two online computers and a Photoplay game.

Our regulars play cards, chess and backgammon.

This is a shot of a Sativa regular, Alan, from the UK, but he visits the Indica to get his favorite strain, Skunk Special….

Willie Wortel’s Indica is our Medical Marihuana outlet, because it is wheelchair friendly, Gus, one of our regular patients, can ride straight in with his electric vehicle.
Our registered Mediweed patients can purchase their medicinal marihuana for half the price, there is no official refund structure for Mediweed in Holland yet.

Opening hours:
Sunday: 12.00 – 00.00 hrs.
Monday – Thursday: 10.00 hrs – 00.00 hrs.
Friday and Saturday: 10.00 – 01.00 hrs.

For more info about the Adriaan Windmill:

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