Yesterday evening we organised a smoke-in, we have 7 guests, so with a couple af local friends invites it was quite easy to get a small group of eager smokers together.


We  went for a RooR session first, expensive pieces of glass, but they do smoke like a chimney. I filled the bowl with Cheese and made Paco Maquina go for the first hit.


My turn next, I am not really a bong person, but on occasions like this I think one has to bong. I did inhale…


Then came Canjete, he held back a little, but only on the first hit, a fast learner.


Firing up Adrian’s bowl, he is getting the hang of it, he empties bowls properly.


Roor and Cheese makes one laugh out loud…


I did some exhaling too.


After the bong we went for the Volcano vap, Critical Mass in the chamber, power on and on to filling and emptying baggies. Canjete had problems with the valve as first, but after he knew, he appeared to a good sucker.


Some of the visitors were slightly affected already, but the bags kept on coming.


Juani is a mechanic, he knows how valves work, he emptied a full bag and seemed to be disappointed it was empty.


Adrian is a taster, he has a small puff first, before trying to empty the bag. He did not succeed.


A nice still life, as we call it.



A picture without using the flasher.


Adrian looks fried, Maruska is the girl in the bubble.


No day without an apple, but who says you have to eat them? We went for some vitamins, after bubbling bongs and bags of vapor.


The apple did something strange to Adrian, it made him cross-eyed!


For Lulu I made a babana pipe, she is not into apples…


My friend and colleague Mark likes all kinds of fruit, as long as they have a bowl in it. The evening was a blast, we made sure everybody slept well.

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