I was refused on my flight…

Today’s entry for this blog was supposed to be made in and about the Netherlands, where I would be meeting up with colleagues on the annual members meeting of the Dutch Coffeeshopowners Union. I am still in Spain, however, here is why:

I arrived on Malaga airport in time for my 20.05hrs flight, went to the check-in counter, got my ticket and passed security with a slight beep and a frisk. When the flight started boarding, my name and several others were called over the sound system, so I walked up the the counter lady. She looked at my ticket and nodded at me, so I stepped back into the waiting line. Minutes later my name was called again, so I went back to the counter lady, who then told me six passengers could not board the flight, and I was one of them. The reason for our exclusion was a stewardess who fell ill, so their was one flight attendent less. Therefore, she explained, the plane could only carry 150 people, where 156 had booked flights. Because I was one of the last six people checking in, we were to be excluded. We protested, in Spanish and English, I even cursed in Dutch, but I was told I was booked for next morning’s 10.50 hrs flight. I told it was bad enough not to be allowed on board on the flight I had chosen, but them deciding for me when to fly was to much to comprehend. I told her I wanted my money and my luggage, so I was sent of to another counter. I did not take it to the limit, luckily I smoked a fatty on the way to the airport, because I have already spent a night in the Malaga Airport cell block. To my pleasant surprise, my luggage was already in the Lost and Found, I had to complain about the lost ticket and time at Transavia myself.

I just did that, I have demanded compensation, after explaing the situation. I am a regular customer, now we’ll see how the service is, or is not.


So now I am just smoking a joint in Spain, behind the laptop.

We started back on Pebble Road this morning, but there are rainshowers on and off, so we had to cover the part done and leave it for later. Back to cleaning paraphenalia in the clubhouse for now.

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