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Nol van Schaik’s CV (Cannabis Ventures) Started smoking hash in tobacco joints in 1985, in a bus full of football players. Started growing in 1987, strain: Northern lights. Founded Willie Wortel Workshop in 1990 Opened Willie Wortel Workshop in January 1991( a licensed cannabis outlet) Founded and opened the Global Hemp Museum in 1998 Co-founded and opened the UK’s first coffeeshop with Colin Davies in Stockport, Manchester, on September 15, 2001 Organized and realized the Coffeeshop College in 2002, with Wernard Bruining and Maruska de Blaauw. Wrote and published the book: the Dutch Experience: 30 years of history of the Dutch hashcoffeeshop in 2002. Arrested for presumed cannabis possession in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and France. Currently setting up a smoker friendly holiday place in Spain.

“New”Dutch Drugs Policy: No Major upsets…

Well, the dutch Cabinet, the Ministers Council, will allow coffeeshops to stay open, as usual. The pass system will not be applied in general, only Maastricht will start an experiment, which will surely fail. Amsterdam’s Mayor, Cohen, does not want … Continue reading

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The price level of cannabis in coffeeshops: How and Why.

  This article is almost like a request write up, because the price level of hash and weed in Dutch coffeeshops is a hot topic amongst our customers, but also for our staff and those working in other coffeeshops. During … Continue reading

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The backdoor of a coffeeshop is not just an emergency exit.

There has been long time confusion about how coffeeshops supply themselves with good quality marihuana and hash, so I think it is about time to explain the ins and outs as I have experienced them in the old situation, and … Continue reading

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Welcome to my cannabis inspired weblog!

Welcome to a part of my life! This blog is about my personal life, about what I am involved in today, and about my plans and projects for the future. My life is a bit out of the ordinary, some … Continue reading

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