John and Tessa’s pictures.

Some visitors send us their pics of their stay here, I will put them in my blog in a new section…

Here are some pics made by John and Tessa, who inmediately fell in love with this part of Spain. They are house hunting on internet.


This is a nice picture of our place, taken from a hillside across.


A view over our valley from the watertower at the entrance of the El Chorro nature reserve.


A bunch of happy potheads near the pool….


This is a paella, made for us on request. We live just across Bar Rancho Grande, a typical Spanish country-side establishment, with the best kitchen in our area!! Jose-Mari, the cook, is a marvel with pots and pans, all our visitors so far are absolutely addicted to his pure, fresh dishes.


I hapen to have a great hand in serving.


This is a great shot of the sativa leaf on the bottom of our pool.


And here’s another nice one of the indica leaf.


This sign says: “be back soon” in Dutch. John has his own company, he rents out trailers and produces license plates.

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Just someone’s garden…

I was able to take a few pics in the garden of a friend. who did better than me, my last plants burnt up under the heatwave we had.  I had my plants in pots, thse are planted in soil, that makes the difference.


This is a Cheese plant, short bur very wide. It smells promising!


Look at the resin on those leafs, too bad the picture is not sharp in the middle. This plant needs another two weeks.


A maturing Power Kush plant, from feminised seed.


A Power Kush bud.


A bud of the giant White Widow plant in this garden.


This WW is really huge,and it smells authentically sweet and spicy. I will smoke most of this garden, the grower does not smoke….

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“New”Dutch Drugs Policy: No Major upsets…

Well, the dutch Cabinet, the Ministers Council, will allow coffeeshops to stay open, as usual. The pass system will not be applied in general, only Maastricht will start an experiment, which will surely fail.
Amsterdam’s Mayor, Cohen, does not want to ban tourists, he thinks the status of tourism in A’dam is not causing problems.

Our Goofy looking Justice Minister, Ernst Hirsch-Ball-in states that banning tourists from coffeeshops may be activated some day, but he does not know when, the retard…

So, buying, rolling, bonging, vaping and smoking cannabis will continue as usual in Dutch coffeeshops, except maybe for Maastricht.

A lot of time and money wasted on nothing, again.

Cohen is disappointed that the supply matter was not mentioned, he suggested licensed growers for coffeeshops earlier. The A’dam Mayor will take up this issue with the Justice Department, the City Council and the Police Department. Seems the present Dutch government is not able to make a step forward, maybe because our religious leaders are a tit backward?

Keep on coming, even the Cannabis Cup will survive!!

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Harvesting Power Kush…


This is a Power Kush plant, ready for a clip. these plants were grown out of the feminized seeds I was given by Martin Barriuso, when he was visiting our finca.


We kept the plants separate, to know how much bud we get from one seed.


Adri is in charge of the hangin-up.


A Power Kush main bud, good density.


It looks like Hawaiian style, but this is Andalusian style!

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early harvest pics…

I can not tell you how and where, but I separated the feminised seedplants and a clone from the regular seed plants.  I did so because on of my plants started flowering early, the Blue Mystic, from regular seed. I decided to black out the plants, so I made a dark room, and cut their light to 12 hours a day by just putting them in there every evening.


This a Blue Cheese plant, grown out of an imported clone, from Holland. It is a powerful strain, but it is not a big yielder, the buds are compact, but small. The smell is wild, the taste will be great.


Blue Cheese bud, small and smelly.


A  Blue Mystic bud, this plant produces nice, dense buds, and the smell is OK too…


The main bud of the Blue Mystic.


A trimmed Blue Mystic bud.


The Blue Mystic, ready to hang and dry.


This is a Blue Cheese bud, grown indoors by a friend, also from Dutch clones. I am smoking this bud as I type this. It tastes great, smells like old school skunk and it pleasures my mouth and nose in the best possible way. We have a mother now, but growers are not so content with the yield, only 65 grams of two plants. No difference in yield with the Cheese itsself. A great smoke, that’s for sure.

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How to insert a lime branch in an orange tree.

We have about 1500 trees on our land, most of them citric fruit trees. We have oranges, lemons, mandarins, besides olives, almonds and a few apples.

Some of our orange trees have lemon branches in them, as they were inserted as such by the previous owner of our finca. It seems that all citric trees can be inserted into one and other, so we asked our neighbour Juan if he could insert a few lime-lemon branches in an orange tree near the pool, so an occasional gin-tonic drinker can have his/her lime fresh from the tree. Juan was willing and able, here come the images…


Juan brought a couple of selected lime branches, cut from another friendly neighbour’s lime tree.


Juan cut off some branches of the orange tree to create room for the inserts.


Juan selected a piece of branch with a good node, and started peeling the required part from the stem.


This is the piece of bast needed for an insert.


The next step is cutting an opening in the bast of the tree, so the insert can be placed in there.


The insert is being placed under the skin of the orange tree.


A piece of rope is tied around the entire area, so the jiuces can not pour out.


Juan made three inserts, now we just wait and see if they catch on…


The tools and materials used, old school…

Come and have your gin-tonics with home made lime!

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Contact and reservations.

In case you want to contact us about the apartments in Spain, send me an email on: [email protected]
We will send you our phone number by email.

Nol and Maruska.

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How to make a KING SIZE joint!

In this blog I will show you how to make a huge joint out of strange ingredients.

The joint is meant to be lit up, but no ones mouth is big enough to smoke it. I made the joints below to decorate and lite my coffeeshop’s bar, real joints are being smoked under the led loaded king size… Many of my clients told me they would like one for their room or house. Here is how to make your own…


The base of the joint is a piece of plywood, pick any size you like, your choice. My joints are 115 cms long.


I wanted it to look like a joint that has been smoked on already, so I took measurements from the one I was smoking at the moment.


I measured where to put the led lamps and the big hinge in the lines of the joint.


After making sure everything would fit in I jigsawed the joint out of the plywood.


We never close the shop for renovations, but we try to keep the place accessable, so my workshop is on the side walk, the dust just blows away…


Next step: wiring the joint up, I placed to fittings in the bottom of the joint to lite the bar, and one fitting at the wide end to light the tip of the joint.


Ready to start rolling up now…


I used chicken wire for the shape of the cone, makes it firm enough and keeps the weight low.


After that, I hung it up, wide side down.


I used old newspapers and wallpaper glue to skin the joint up, it is a bit messy, but very effective, it took about ten minutes to do the job.


I left it to dry overnight, together with the tip, made out of chicken wire and paper too.


The first joint is up, all it needs now is a little white paint.


There you go, painted and plugged in, seems to work.


The two huge joints work fine, the bar is well lit and the tips are glowing. Next time I will make me a bigger one to hang above the cannabis counter…

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Indica coffeeshop make-over completed.

I know, I could have blogged during the reform, but I was busy from morning to evening…

this is how the shop looked like before:




There had been no changes for quite some time, the place looked boring, so I decided to start nicing it up.


I pulled out the old first class train seats in front of the window, they were worn out completely. After that, I made new seats with the regular train seats we have in the rest of the place.


I made high blocks for two benches, so those sitting in these seats can watch the view on the Spaarne river and the windmill across.


Harry, our painter friend, preparing the walls of the dealer area.


Harry and his materials…


Voila, this part looks bright and shiny…


Our vaporizer corner, ready to vape. The empty spot will be filled with a digital photo screen explaining how to use the vaporizers.


We also put two clones in a glass grow unit, stationed behind the bar.


The pool area looks cool now, the dark wall makes the place look classy.


The bar look completely different, two huge joints hanging over our visitors now. The joints lite the bar and have a glowing tip…


This a new form of art: Flart. (floor level art)


The new window seats under a new ceiling.


The pipe in the cabinet turns around, it gives great light effects after dark, come and see…


A small fountainin the corner drips all day.


The place looks like a real coffeeshop again, our customers are very pleased with the change in looks and atmosphere. You are welcome to come and see for yourself…

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The apartments: How they look and how to book.


Have a look before you book….

The following pics show you apartment Chumbera, the most discrete place we have to offer, it is ‘around the corner’.






Next pics show you Apt. Palmera.





Here are the pics of Apt. Yucca.




Apt. Bougainville:






Some pics of the pool area.



What you see is what you get, new, clean apartments and a nice pool area, a sunny climate and a quiet surrounding.

The apartments are 100 euros per day/night for 2 persons. Minimum rent period 3 days.

We do not do offers, discounts or package deals.

Contact us by:  We will get in touch with you to exchange information and phone numbers.

Hope to see you here….

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