Growing Powerplant, in a big set up.

This is a picture report of a BIG growroom, somewhere in the Netherlands, the owner let me use the place for a photo shoot to promote my book. Besides taking the promo pics, I took some shots of the growroom as such, containing around 240 fat Powerplant females, one week before harvest.

The net you see is a strawberry net, it is there to prevent the plants from falling, Powerplant produces heavy buds, as you can see.

I took these pictures just before the lights went on, with regular light.

Powerplant is the perfect hybrid for growers, it produces smelly, resinous, heavy buds, and not many leafs, they are easy to ‘manicure’.


I was there…

The Promo….

A close up of a powerplant bud.

Any fisher would want a net full of this, I guess….

Not real sharp, but it shows the size of the buds.

New cuttings, to set up the next cycle, they are already adjusting to the climate.


P.S.: No, I do not know where this growroom is, I was taken there blindfolded.