Back in Spain after a long stay in Holland.


After 20 days in Holland it felt good to be back home, although I had some nice times in Haarlem and Amsterdam. My plants look great, Adrian and Maruska have done a good job keeping them green and growing.
They grew indeed, most of all the fem seeds on the left, they almost catch up with the regulars, which are a month ahead of the fems!
I will make up for being almost invisible for the past weeks, I was too busy working in the Indica and talk to many friends and customers. I also bought me a small video cam, some movies will be put on here soon.
See ya!

About Cannabinol

Nol van Schaik’s CV (Cannabis Ventures) Started smoking hash in tobacco joints in 1985, in a bus full of football players. Started growing in 1987, strain: Northern lights. Founded Willie Wortel Workshop in 1990 Opened Willie Wortel Workshop in January 1991( a licensed cannabis outlet) Founded and opened the Global Hemp Museum in 1998 Co-founded and opened the UK’s first coffeeshop with Colin Davies in Stockport, Manchester, on September 15, 2001 Organized and realized the Coffeeshop College in 2002, with Wernard Bruining and Maruska de Blaauw. Wrote and published the book: the Dutch Experience: 30 years of history of the Dutch hashcoffeeshop in 2002. Arrested for presumed cannabis possession in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and France. Currently setting up a smoker friendly holiday place in Spain.
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2 Responses to Back in Spain after a long stay in Holland.

  1. falkar says:

    Hi Nol, I’m sorry if I have to write here but I didn’t find any Contact info on the website and on the blog.
    Also, you have to forgive my poor english.
    We are a group Marijuana Activists (if I have to say it, I’m more of a cannabis Lover than a cannabis smoker) and we are trying to create a new group to fight for Medical Cannabis and sequentially for cannabis Legalization.
    I need to ask you some questions about the Uk Coffee Shop you opened some years ago, about the Pannagh Cannabis Club and many other little things and so, you are interested, you should leave me a message to falkar90[at]hotmail[dot]com, so i can contact you.

  2. Cannabinol says:

    My address is on its way…

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