Million Marihuana March Amsterdam.

I have been too busy to post the last days, sorry for that…

Last Saturday I went to the Amsterdam version of the Million Marihuana March, with Wilco from Birdy coffeeshop and Mr. Lunk. It was a nice day to start with, and we managed to find a parking spot right next to the Musemplein, where the event was held. This years event was organised by Jackie and Bret, I say they did a great job!!

I designed a special T shirt for the event, making a statement about how I feel about the coffeeshop situation.


There are only 730 coffeeshops left in the Netherlands…..  We, the coffeeshopowners and workers, are the only cannabisdealers in the world with an address, a registration in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, obligations to pay taxes, email, telephone and all kinds of other bills. That makes us sitting ducks, we cannot move, like all other cannabis dealers in the world, so we are the target of the police, the Tax Office, crooks and even of cannabis smokers around the world. That’s what the shirts say…


Evert was there with his Verdamper, he vaped the crowd, as usual, with his collection of Verdamper Vaporizors. Evert is a true cannabist, I consider him a real friend and activist. There were several stands, the Cannabis College was well represented, I smoked one behind Mila’s stand, some Dutch writers offerd books about cannabis and policy, the main attraction was the newly founded Cannabis Consumers Federation. Wilco, Mr.Lunk and myself signed up as members, we are cannabis consumers in the first place. We gathered a couple of thousand signatures in our cofffeeshops, in support of the CCF’s first petition.


Inhaling some really nice Jamaican vapor, from a special little stash of Ricardo, the owner of Anytime n Alkmaar, home of the vaporizors. Jackie is having a go on another Verdamper, while Bret looks on Smiling in the back ground. I will post some video footage in this post later.

Here is some video footage, shot by Mr.Lunk.

Photo credits: Wernard Bruining.

About Cannabinol

Nol van Schaik’s CV (Cannabis Ventures) Started smoking hash in tobacco joints in 1985, in a bus full of football players. Started growing in 1987, strain: Northern lights. Founded Willie Wortel Workshop in 1990 Opened Willie Wortel Workshop in January 1991( a licensed cannabis outlet) Founded and opened the Global Hemp Museum in 1998 Co-founded and opened the UK’s first coffeeshop with Colin Davies in Stockport, Manchester, on September 15, 2001 Organized and realized the Coffeeshop College in 2002, with Wernard Bruining and Maruska de Blaauw. Wrote and published the book: the Dutch Experience: 30 years of history of the Dutch hashcoffeeshop in 2002. Arrested for presumed cannabis possession in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain and France. Currently setting up a smoker friendly holiday place in Spain.
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